AirisOne is unlike any aircraft you've seen before. With an all electric propulsion system and semi/full autonomous flight, the age of "air taxis" has arrived.

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AIRIS ONE is a 5 passenger electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft that is designed specifically to operate in an autonomous airspace environment. 

With demonstration flights scheduled for 2020 and commercial service launch by 2025, the "air taxi" industry is already progressing at a rapid pace.

This new aviation industry is unlike any in history as it blends the latest technology and materials, along with artificial intelligence and new airspace regulations to deliver a scalable and smart way to move people from A to B both safely and cost effectively.



Operating out of vertiports located throughout cities, the AirisOne can deliver people faster and safer than the roads below.


For urban transport, access for all is a necessity. Unique to the AirisOne is the ability to accommodate  passengers who need ramp or wheelchair access. 

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Global Office

Airis Holdings Ltd.

41 Cedar Ave., Hamilton, HM11, Bermuda




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We are always on the look out for great people who have experience in aviation and autonomy to join our team, to be an advisor or to invest to make this program a reality.

..or, just drop us a line to tell us what you think and will add you to our list for progress updates.



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